Corporate Affairs Publications

National Oversight and Audit Commission Reports

Service Delivery Plans

Annual Report

The Council is required to produce an Annual Report by 30th June each year. The statutory power that provides for the production of the Annual Report is contained in Section 221 of the Local Government Act, 2001.

The Annual Report must contain certain information in relation to the activities of the Council in the preceding year. It  provides an opportunity to review the performance of  the Council and the quality of services provided. The Report also records the key achievements in relation to the provision of infrastructure and presents an opportunity to inform the public of the various activities and operations engaged by the Council over the past year.

Corporate Plans

Laois County Council is required to produce a Corporate Plan every 5 years. The Corporate Plan is drawn up within the 6 month period following the holding of a Local Elections. The Corporate Plan is a statement of strategy that sets out what the goals and objectives of the Council are for the 5 year period for which the Council is elected.

Other Publications

The Corporate Affairs Section also publishes other documents, such as the  ‘Our County’ newsletter.