Public Lighting

It has never been simpler to report an issue with public lighting in your area.

  1. Log on to Laois Deadsure
  2. Enter your estate or locality or Eircode in the “Search Box”. Map will zoom in to that location. Zoom out to see all lights.
  3. If the light you wish to report is marked in green, and is not in charge of the local authority, it is probably still in the ownership of a developer.  Therefore this should be reported to a management company (if one exists) to the Planning Department at
  4. All public lighting poles are marked with a blue or orange marker, if you run your cursor over each light, you can see the pole number and address.  Click on the pole that is at fault, fill in your details and press Log Fault.  When a fault has been logged the pole (dot) changes colour.  The fault is now logged on the system and the contractor has been alerted.

If you click on the logged light you can get more information on when it will be repaired, and you are given the option to escalate the job if necessary

A pdf of the instructions can be found below



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