Publication Scheme under Freedom of Information Act 2014

Laois County Council has prepared and published a Publication Scheme concerning the information of the Council in conformity with the Model and Guidelines made by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform under Section 8 (7) of the Freedom of Information Act, 2014.

The Scheme comes into effect on the 14th April 2016.

Purpose of the Scheme

The Scheme is designed to facilitate the provision of information to the greatest extent possible, except for information exempted under the Act and in preparing, reviewing or revising a Publication Scheme; an FOI body shall have regard to the public interest in:

  1. Allowing public access to information held by the FOI body
  2. The publication of reasons for decisions made by the FOI body; and
  3. Publishing information of relevance or interest to the general public in relation to its activities and functions generally.

Scheme Format and Access:

The Scheme is web based with links from it to information under the following headings, which will be updated as provided for under the Act.  A hard copy will be available for viewing by appointment.

Information to be contained in the Publication Scheme.

Information will be provided under the following headings:

  1. Information about the FOI Body
  2. Services Provided or to be provided to the Public
  3. Decision Making process for major policy proposals
  4. Financial Information
  5. Procurement
  6. FOI Disclosure Log and Other Information to be Published Routinely

Within each of these the following Information will be available.

1 Information about the FOI Body

Who we are and what we do; Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts

In this section FOI Bodies should provide details of:

•          Establishment of organisation

•          Roles, responsibilities and functions

•          Governance/Management arrangements

•          Corporate Plans and Strategies

•          Annual Report

•          Organisation and Pay/Grading Structures

•          Locations and contact details for the organisation

•          Links to agencies/other bodies under the FOI body’s remit

•          Details of Service Level Agreements/Memoranda of Understanding, if any

•          Customer Charters

•          Codes of Practice or Guidelines

Governance Principles and Governance Framework for the Local Government Sector


2. Services Provided or to be provided to the Public

The Services we offer: Details of functions and services that the organisation provides and the decision making process

In this section FOI bodies provide details of:

  • Services provided for public including administration of an enactment/scheme (e.g. grants)
  • How such services can be accessed
  • How much such services cost to access, if any
  • Administration of such services
  • Review or appeal rights relating to such services
  • Research projects undertaken in respect of these functions/services


Corporate Affairs

1. Council meetings

2. Register of Electors

3. Higher Education Grants

4. Freedom of Information

5. Minutes & Agendas of Council Meetings

6. Civic Honours

7. Publications

8. Corporate Plan

9. Service Indicators

10. Data Protection

11.The Carlow Boundary Committee




1. Social housing

2. Buy a house

3. Rental accommodation Scheme

4. Estate Management

5. House Improvement and Repairs

6. Traveller accommodation

7. Housing Projects Part VIII

8. Voluntary Housing




1. Motor Tax

2. Traffic and Parking

3. Roadworks and Closures

4. Noise Action Plan

5. Road Safety

6. Community Schemes

7. Public lighting

8. Road opening licence

9. Winter Service Plan 2015 – 2016

10. Speed Limit Review

11. N80 Maidenhead Realignment



Water Services

1. Water Services

2. Water updates

3. Non-domestic water charges

4. Water Quality

5. Rural Water

6. Well Grants

7. Water Planning Guidelines




1. Planning OnLine

2. Planning for General Public

3. Planning for Business

4. Property Tax Exemption

5. Development Plans

6. Conservation

7. Building Regulations

8. Council Capital Projects

9. Planning maps

10. Planning publications




1. Laois Connects

2. Public Participation Network

3. Laois Comhairle na nOg

4. Joint Policing Committee

5. Community & voluntary awards




1. Animal Welfare

2. Civil Defence

3. Fire Services

4. Cemeteries

5. Community Initiatives

6. Dangerous Structures

7. Energy

8. Environmental Awareness

9. Environmental Protection

10. Fire and Rescue

11. Litter Management

12. Waste




1. Accounts payable

2. Insurance

3. Internal Audit Committee

4. Service Charges

5. Superannuation

6. Cash Office

7. Finance Contacts

8. Finance Publications

9. Procurement



1. News and Events

2. Raising Awareness

3. Biodiversity

4. Archeology

5. Architecture

6. Cultural Heritage

7. Heritage Plans

8. Laois Heritage Trail

9. History of Laois

10. Heritage Publications

11. Geology

12. Ireland 2016




1. Branch Libraries

2. Joining the library

3. Library events & activities

4. Laois Library Catalogue

5. Renew books online

6. Online References

7. Local Research

8. Archived Library Activities




1. News

2. Art

3. Drama

4. Laois School of Music

5. Music Generation

6. Literature and Publications

7. Festivals

8. Dunamaise Arts Theatre




1. Laois Tourism



Sports & Leisure

1. News

2. Activities & Workshops

3. Swimming Pools

4. Laois Water Safety

5. Playgrounds

6. Fishing

7. Walking

8. Laois Sports Partnership


Human Resources

1. Vacancies

2. Recruitment & Training


Business and Economic Development

1. Laois Enterprise Office

2. Tenders

3. Planning for Business

4. Charges & Rates

5. Connect Ireland

6. Development Plans

7. Support and advice

8. Business Incentive Schemes

9. Portarlington Enterprise Centre

10. Local Authority Retail Support

3. Decision Making process for major policy proposals

How we make decisions on policies: Decision Making processes and records of decisions

In this section FOI bodies provide details of:

  • Major policy proposals including any public consultation exercises
  • Background information relating to major policy proposals and decisions
  • Reports on the operation of public services by the FOI body
  • Expenditure reviews, Policy assessments


4. Financial Information

What we spend:  Financial information relating to income and expenditure

FOI bodies should provide the following information in this section:

  • Financial statements
  • Plans for major Capital Expenditure
  • Payments or Purchase Orders for goods and services
  • Governance Board Member remuneration
  • Funding/Sponsorship of non-public bodies


5. Procurement

How we spend: Information relating to how we procure goods and services

FOI bodies should provide the following details in this section:


6. FOI Disclosure Log and Other Information to be Published Routinely

Other information: FOI bodies should publish the type of information listed below as appropriate, in addition to any other information that would provide information to the public. For example:-

  • Disclosure Log (Currently being updated)
  • Reports
  • Commercial publications and relative charges
  • Information held by the body which is sought regularly
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