Management Team

Our Management Team consists of the Chief Executive, the Directors of Services and the Head of Finance. The Management Team meets fortnightly as a group to review the implementation of the Council’s Corporate Plan and to examine issues that are impacting on the delivery of the Council’s services.

The current members of the Management Team are:

Simon Walton  Interim Chief Executive

The role of the Chief Executive is to ensure that arrangements are put in place to achieve the objectives and policies determined by the elected representatives, and in this regard to manage all resources to enable him to perform these functions. He has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the efficient and effective overall operation of the local authority.

Gerard Murphy Head of Finance


Finance, Economic Development and Tourism

Angela McEvoy, Director of Services







Housing, Regeneration, and Planning Development and Control


Donal Brennan Director of Services

Donal Brennan DOS






Corporate Affairs, Climate Action, Community, Information Technology

Paul McLoughlin    Acting Director of Services






Roads, Transportation, Environment, Water Services, Emergency Services



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