About the Council

We are responsible for the delivery of a wide range of services throughout County Laois. The Council provides and maintains the majority of the infrastructure such as roads, sewers, water supply systems and libraries in the county. The activities of the Council directly impact on the lives of everyone who either lives or works in the county. The Council is centrally involved in activities that affect the physical, economic, social and cultural development of Laois.

The Council has two distinct elements:
The Elected Members of the Council who are elected at Local Elections which are conducted every five years. The elected Council is responsible for the making of policy decisions.
The day to day activities of the Council are managed by the Chief Executive and carried out by the employees of the Council.
Management Team
Strategic Policy Committees 
History of the Council 
Minutes & Agendas of the Council Meetings
Opening Hours

The Council is committed to working in partnership with the people of the county. The Council’s Mission Statement is:

“The Council will lead the sustainable economic, social, cultural and community development of our County and deliver quality public services to the communities we serve”.

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