Notification of Temporary Traffic Management Arrangements for Re-surfacing Works on N77 (Course to Dunmore)

Laois County Council wishes to advise of Temporary Traffic Management (Stop Go Boards) at the following location:

N77 Course to Dunmore

From a point:  Approx. 52°51’02.8″N 7°23’25.5″W

To a point:      Approx 52°51’39.5″N 7°22’10.6″W


ON and/or BETWEEN the following dates & times:

21/11/2023  08:00                      and                           29/11/2023 18:00


For the purposes of:    Re-surfacing Works

N77 Course to Dunmore

N77 Course to Dunmore Section 3

N77 Course to Dunmore Section 2

N77 Course to Dunmore Section 1                                                                                                  

Any objections or observations shall be emailed to:

Email 1:                                              and copy the following:

Email 2: 

Email 3: 

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