Buy and Renew Scheme

The Buy and Renew Scheme (BRS) supports local authorities in purchasing and renewing housing units in need of repair and makes them available for social housing use. It also supports strategies on vacant homes and urban renewal and for urban/town/village renewal purposes.  The focus can be on older stock, particularly as part of the response being made in tackling dereliction and improving streetscapes.  The Council will determine the suitability of a property for social housing; important considerations in that regard include the location of a property in relation to housing need and demand, the design/scale suitability of a property for social housing use and the costs and practicality of acquiring and renovating a property.

Properties suitable for the Buy & Renew Scheme should be vacant for at least one year and in need of significant renovation works.  The Scheme particularly focuses on older vacant homes to help tackle the problem of dereliction and improve the appearance of the community. As a complementary initiative to the Repair and Lease Scheme, it provides the option for suitable properties to be purchased rather than leased, if that is the preference of the owners of vacant properties. The scheme is identified as a good option in cases where repair costs are above those provided under the Repair & Leasing Scheme and where the property owner is willing to sell to the local authority or Approved Housing Body.

If you are interested in having your property considered for the Buy & Renew Scheme, please complete the application form below and attach any other relevant information you may have. Recent photographs of the exterior, interior and garden (if applicable) should be submitted with your application.

Application Form for Buy & Renew Scheme

For further information please contact the Vacant Homes Office at (057) 866 4000 or by e-mail at