Vacant Homes Office

The role of the Vacant Homes Office is to identify vacant properties in County Laois, particularly in areas of high demand, and to facilitate their return to use as housing units.  The Vacant Homes Officer will work with property owners to bring vacant properties back into use for social and private housing purposes.

The main scheme available to Laois County Council for this purpose is:


The Buy and Renew Scheme complements the Repair & Leasing Scheme. In some cases, the owner of a suitable empty property may prefer to hold onto the asset, while making it available for social housing. Other owners of similar properties may prefer to sell. In addition, Buy and Renew may be a viable option in cases where the remediation costs of works to bring the property back to an acceptable standard are above the limits allowed under the Repair & Leasing scheme.  It is expected that Buy & Renew properties would have been vacant for a significant period and be in need of renovation before being used for social housing purposes.

The Buy and Renew Scheme supports Local Authorities and Approved Housing Bodies (using the Capital Assistance Scheme – CAS) to purchase vacant properties, carry out necessary remediation works, and make the home available to social housing tenants.

If you have a vacant property in need of renovation that you would like to be considered by Laois County Council for the Buy & Renew Scheme, please complete and submit the Buy & Renew Scheme Application Form:


The Vacant Homes Office can be contacted at (057) 866 4000 or via e-mail at

You can also report  properties that you believe to be vacant at and these will be investigated by the Vacant Homes Officer.  You can report these properties anonymously if you so wish.