Illegal Dumping



The majority of areas affected by illegal dumping/fly-tipping are located in some of the most spectacular and scenic areas of our countryside.

Here are some of OUR COUNTY’S Illegal Dumping Hotspots…..Do you recognise them??


If your waste is fly-tipped, you are legally responsible for this waste material if you have not given it to a Permitted Waste Collector (i.e. a Waste Collector who holds a valid Waste Collection Permit).

Beware of Bogus Collectors – if your waste is found dumped illegally, you will face prosecution.

Combating Illegal Dumping

To ensure that your rubbish is not illegally dumped:

  • Check that the person/company has a valid Waste Collection Permit. Ask to see a copy of their Permit. If you are unsure you can check with the Environment Section on (057)-8674329
  • If you are using the services of builders, plumbers or electricians ask them where they intend to dispose of your waste. This must be at an authorised site or through a Permitted Collector.
  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce by reusing and recycling as much as possible
  • Ensure the waste you produce is kept secure until it’s collected

See Something ? – Say Something !!!

If you see someone littering/illegal dumping, try to take note of:

  • When and where it is happening
  • Vehicle registration
  • A description of the vehicle – colour, make, model and any other detail about the vehicle such as logos or contact numbers.
  • The sort and quantity of rubbish dumped
  • Download the See It? Say It! App on Itunes or the Google Play Store

To report witnessing littering/illegal dumping, please phone Laois County Council’s Confidential Litter Hotline at 1800-32-32-30, or Laois County Council’s Environment Section at 057-8674316 or report this online.

Illegal dumping is a cause for serious concern in County Laois. Dumping is illegal, unsightly and unnecessary and offenders will be prosecuted by Laois County Council.

Illegal Dumping – Making a Complaint

Illegal dumping refers to littering on a much larger scale – this can be abandoned vehicles, old furniture to illegal dumps in old quarries and on agricultural land. Laois County Council employs staff to ensure that this dumping is tackled. If you are aware of illegal dumping you can report it in strict confidence. We may need to take your contact details in order to locate the specific site. If any person suspects that an illegal activity is taking place, please contact the Environment Section, Laois County Council on 057-8674319.

Or call our Litter Hotline No: 1800-32-32-30

When making a complaint please provide as much detail as possible, including – the location/directions to the location, vehicle registration numbers/identifying features of vehicles, date and time the dumping was witnessed/noticed, type & estimated amount of waste dumped.

Further Information

The EPA provide some useful information on “How to Make an Environmental Complaint”

Note: This page is a guide only. It does not purport to provide, and should not be relied upon as, a legal interpretation of the Regulations. Laois County Council advises you to read the Regulations in full.


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