Kyletalesha Landfill

Kyletalesha Landfill, Portlaoise, Laois. R32 RD45


New Layout – Effective from the 18th September 2023 

The road layout and payment arrangements at the landfill waste transfer station and recycling centre will change on the 18th September 2023.


All traffic entering the Kyletalesha facility shall proceed directly to the weighbridge. All recycling centre traffic shall proceed to the weighbridge.


All payments will be collected at the weighbridge office.


See attached Site Layout Drawing showing the revised layout Landfill Revised Traffic Management Layout 2023


Patrons are advised to follow landfill staff instructions

CCTV cameras will be in operation at the facility


Laois County Council operate the sole landfill site for the County at Kyletalesha. The landfill site operates under Environmental Protection Agency Waste Licence since May 2000. The landfill site accepts waste at a rate of up to a maximum of 47,100 tonnes per year.

Monday to Friday: 8.00 am to 3.30 pm.
Saturday: 8.00 am to 1.00 pm,
Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed.

In the interests of the health, safety and welfare of staff and members of the public, please take note of Covid 19 control measures on all sites.

Access to Kyletalesha Landfill is by keyfob for existing customers (please note no new or replacement fobs are being issued). New customers pay with a debit / credit card on the weighbridge.

Please note the following important information regarding waste disposal at Kyletalesha Landfill:

  • Current arrangements for existing and new domestic customers remains the same i.e. access by weighbridge and keyfob (existing customers) and credit / debit card (new customers).


The following landfill charges, including levy and VAT, will apply at Kyletalesha Landfill Site:


Transfer Station Charges:


Black Bag Waste

Weight Charge
0kg €5
20kg €10
40kg €15
Over 40kg €15 min charge plus €4 per each additional 20kg


Other Waste Charges

Waste Type Charge
C&D Waste €15 min charge plus €0.11 per each additional 20kg
Green Waste over 20kg €3.20 min charge plus €1.60 per each additional 20kg
Green/Garden Waste 1 Bag €1.00
Green/Garden Waste 2 Bags €2.00
Green/Garden Waste 3 Bags €3.00
Timber Waste €15 min charge plus €4 per each additional 20kg


The Green/Garden Waste Charge only applies to homeowners bringing domestic grass and hedge cuttings and does not apply to Green Waste material from commercial enterprises etc.  This Green/Garden Waste Charge does not apply to timber.

All Other Waste:   Normal weighbridge charge – €200 per tonne or a minimum charge of €15 for weights less than or equal to 40kg.

Please Note: keyfobs must be in a credit balance of at least €15.00 to gain entry to the landfill. 

Phone Number: (057) 8620653

Portlaoise Civic Amenity Site

The Civic Amenity Site at the Kyletalesha landfill facility is directly managed, operated & staffed by Laois County Council.

Co-operation and patience is sought from all users of the facility to ensure that the civic amenity site operates in an efficient and safe manner. Members of the public are requested to follow the instructions of site staff when using the facility.

Please note that Hard plastics will now be accepted at the Civic Amenity Site.

The following revised charges will apply from the 18th September 2023:


Vehicle Type/Waste Type Gate Charge
Car €5.00
Van/Jeep €10.00
Single-Axle Trailer €10.00
Double-Axle Trailer €15.00
Large Van €15.00
Large Van & Trailer €25.00
Commercial €30.00


Waste Material Charge
Mattresses €20 each
Paint €1.00 per can
Waste Oils

(Cooking & Engine)

€2.00 Minimum Fee

€8.00 for 5 Gallons

Car Tyres €1.00 per Tyre
Oil Filter €1.00 per Filter
Electrical Items only Free



The charges for mattresses, paint, waste oil and tyres will be charged in addition to the gate fee charges, when a customer arrives with other recyclable materials.

The preferred method of payment is by card payment terminals provided on-site.


Waste Disposal at Public Tipping Area
All refuse bags will have to be placed into compactors by the customer (i.e bins cannot be directly tipped into the compactor).  Bulky waste will be accepted as per the charges provided above.

Health & Safety
The health and safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance to Laois County Council.  Customers are advised to pay particular attention to signage and relevant Health & Safety guidelines which are advertised on site.
Trailer covers must be used when visiting the landfill, otherwise entry will be refused. Unsecured waste may cause litter pollution.

Laois County Council Landfill Site Environmental Policy Statement: The Policy of this facility is to protect the environment and to provide information to our customers to help reduce their dependence on landfill.

However, please note that some items that you send to landfill might be suitable for reuse?  If so, why not visit where you can upload items for reuse free of charge!  FreeTrade Ireland is a unique public service allowing you to pass on and pick-up items free of charge. Get involved today and start saving money and protecting your environment.

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