Outdoor Seating & Accessories for Tourism & Hospitality Business’ Scheme to include Wet Pubs

Scheme Overview

The focus of this scheme is to provide a level of financial support to tourism and hospitality businesses, in our town centres, to purchase or upgrade equipment to provide additional outdoor seating and, therefore, increase their outdoor dining capacity for the summer of 2021. This scheme will financially assist and support independent tourism and hospitality business owners to create outdoor dining experiences in a regulated and accessible manner.  Funding under the scheme is only available to existing businesses.

The Outdoor Seating and Accessories for Tourism & Hospitality Business Scheme is being  administered by Laois County Council.  Laois County Council   has the right to use its discretion in regard to the  process and the development of terms and conditions that are appropriate for its  respective streetscapes, businesses etc. All applicants will be required to comply with planning codes, legislative requirements and other compliance requirements.

The closing date for the Scheme is 30th September 2021 and this deadline cannot be extended.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is open to attractions, hotels, restaurants, cafes, public houses or other tourism and hospitality businesses where food is sold for consumption on the premises, and that have no commercial rates outstanding to Laois County Council or have an agreed payment plan in place.  The Scheme has now been extended to include wet pubs.

What items are considered eligible for the scheme:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Electric heaters
  • Screens/windbreaks
  • Plant stands
  • Wooden Platform

The tables and chairs or other furniture shall be of robust and stable construction to prevent movement in adverse weather conditions and be agreed with Laois County Council.

Screens/windbreakers must be agreed with Laois County Council and will be subject to the following conditions;

  • Screens to be plain, coloured or neutral canvas type, not more than 1 metre high, spanning between or framed by simple metal type posts.
  • Screens to be manufactured from flame/fire retardant material.
  • Base plates or weighted bases to screening posts must not extend outside the licensed area.
  • All screens, posts and bases must be demountable.
  • Screens must be sufficiently robust to prevent overturning in adverse weather conditions.
  • No advertising apart from the name of the premises to be used on the screens, without the permission of Laois County Council.

Amount of Grant Available

The scheme will provide for up to 75% of the ex-VAT cost of equipment purchased/installed with a maximum allowable contribution of up to €4,000 per applicant.

Section 254 Licencing

For applicants seeking to take in part of the public realm in order to provide outdoor seating, a Section 254 Licence will be required in accordance with planning legislation. Proof of this licence will be required and will be a condition of the above grant approval process. Please note that the fees in respect of this licence for 2021 will be waived.

To make an application for a Section 254 Licence, please contact the Planning Section on 057 8664000 or email planning@laoiscoco.ie.

 Privacy & Data Protection

Personal information collected by Laois County Council is done so in order for us to process your application. Legally we can process this information as it is necessary for us to comply with our statutory / legal obligations. The protection of your personal data is a key priority for the Council and your data will be processed in line with our Privacy policy which is available at www.laois.ie or hardcopy from our offices at Laois County Council, County Hall, J.F.L Avenue, Portlaoise. If you require further information regarding our Privacy Statement, you can contact us at dataprotection@laoiscoco.ie or write to us at: Data Protection Officer, Laois County Council, County Hall, J.F.L Avenue, Portlaoise.

Application Dates

The scheme will close on the 30th September, 2021

Freedom of Information 

Applicants should be aware that, under the Freedom of Information Act 2014, information provided by them in this Application may be liable to be disclosed. Applicants are asked to consider if any of the information provided by them in their Application should not be disclosed because of its confidentiality or commercial sensitivity. If Applicants consider that certain information is not to be disclosed because of its confidentiality or commercial sensitivity, Applicants must, when providing such information, clearly identify such information and specify the reasons for its confidentiality or commercial sensitivity. If Applicants do not identify information as confidential or commercial sensitive, it is liable to be released in response to a Freedom of Information request without further notice or consultation with the Applicant. Laois County Council will, where possible, consult with the Applicant about confidential or commercial sensitive information so identified before making a decision on a request received under Freedom of Information.


Any queries in respect of the scheme please contact the Roads Administration Section at 057 8664000 or e-mail outdoordining@laoiscoco.ie.

To Apply Click Here for Expression of Interest Form:


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