Ministers Celebrates Timahoe’s Rich Heritage

Next on the itinerary was the charming Heritage Village of Timahoe, where the Timahoe Heritage Committee, led by Chairperson Ms. Mary O’Dwyer, extended a warm welcome to the Minister. Ms. O’Dwyer eloquently shared the rich history of the Round Tower and the ambitious future plans for its development and said “ Tigh Mochua le Chéile had the pleasure to welcome Minister Heather Humphries to Timahoe on Monday last, to re-open our Heritage Centre.  It was also great to have our local man Cathaoirlach of Laois County Council , Cllr Paschal Mc Evoy present.  While there were a number of guests, it was wonderful to see our local community gather to acknowledge the work that has been done.  Minister Humphries had a stroll around the Heritage centre, taking in the beautiful majestic round tower.  She was also enthralled by the story of St Mochuas pets.  ( a statue dedicated to same can be seen in the grounds), and also the local Vikings who showed up to say “hello”.  Following on from the stroll outside, Minister Humphries then came into our Heritage Centre where she was welcomed by locals and the committee of women who run the ‘Tower & Bean’ coffee shop.  The Minister gave the coffee her seal of approval and enjoyed some refreshments.  It was a great opportunity for people to see exactly what is good about Heritage and Community in Timahoe.  After some brief speeches, which highlighted the pivotal role of volunteers and the blueprint that our heritage centre is for others, the Minister unveiled a plaque to mark the occasion.  The Heritage Centre is open during the week and the Tower & Bean coffee shop is open at weekends and bank holiday Mondays.  for more info check out instagram/facebook: timahoeheritagecentre & towerandbean “


The Cathaoirleach of Laois County Council,  Mr Paschal Mc Evoy,  said The Timahoe Heritage Centre is more than just a building; it represents the heart and soul of the community. It will serve as a hub for cultural education, a venue for engaging events, and a place where the rich history of Timahoe can be cherished and celebrated. The Heritage Centre stands as a beacon of pride and a testament to the shared history of Timahoe. It is a space that encapsulates the essence of the community, preserving its cultural treasures and providing a platform for its stories to be shared with generations to come.”.


Mr Donal Brennan, Director of Services said “As the doors of the Timahoe Heritage Centre officially opened, the community rejoiced in the knowledge that their efforts have borne fruit. The Heritage Centre stands as a symbol of unity and community pride, a place where the past is honoured, and the future is envisioned. The grand opening ceremony was a true reflection of the vibrant spirit of Timahoe, and it marked the beginning of a new chapter in the community’s journey to preserve and share its heritage”.

Delighted to be part of the momentous occasion, the Minister performed the official unveiling of the TVRS funded Timahoe Arts Centre. Her visit was further enriched by enjoying a cup of coffee at the Coffee Unit, funded under Community Enhancement, where Viking figures proudly stood, keeping an eye on the proceedings.

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