Minister Humphreys announces County Allocations

Our Rural Future:  Minister Humphreys announces County Allocations for additional upgrade works to rural roads and laneways

  • Minister confirms distribution of additional €10.5 million funding announced as part of ‘Our Rural Future’
  • Funding doubles the total budget under the Local Improvement Scheme this year to €21 million
  • Investment to improve access to rural homes, farms and outdoor amenities


Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD, has today announced the county breakdown of a further €10.5 million investment in our rural roads and laneways.

The allocation represents a doubling of the budget under the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) – bringing the overall annual spend to a record €21 million.

The Local Improvement Scheme is designed to support the continued improvement of non-public roads in rural communities and improves access to rural homes and farms, as well as outdoor amenities such as our lakes, rivers, mountains and beaches.

These roads and laneways are not normally maintained by locally authorities but, nonetheless, represent a vital piece of infrastructure for rural residents.

The share of the additional funding that is being allocated to each county under this second round comes following engagement between the Department of Rural and Community Development and local authorities.

The county allocations are based on the level of works that each local authority indicated they could complete before the end of the year.

The higher the level of demand that could be met by a local authority before the end of the year, the higher the level of funding they have been allocated.

The LIS scheme was re-introduced in 2017 and over 10,000 landowners and rural residents have benefitted to date.

The Minister made the announcement in County Clare as part the Our Rural Future Roadshow.

Announcing the allocation to each County, Minister Humphreys said:

“’Our Rural Future’, the Government’s ambitious five year policy for Rural Ireland, commits to increasing the Government’s investment in our rural roads through the Local Improvement Scheme.


“So I was delighted to secure a further €10.5 million for the Scheme which doubles our investment under the scheme this year to €21 million – the highest annual allocation since the scheme was re-introduced.


“This additional funding demonstrates my commitment to improving connectivity for rural residents – whether it be access to homes, farms or outdoor amenities.”


Under LIS, local authorities are responsible for identifying and prioritising roads for improvement works under the scheme, in consultation with residents/landowners.

The works must be completed before the end of the year.

Details of the allocation to each County under this second Round and the total allocations under both Rounds of funding are set out below.

The Minister continued:

“I am very much aware of the need to tackle the backlog of eligible applications that exist within many of our local authorities.


“My Department over the coming months will work closely with local authorities to ensure that this funding is fully delivered this year so that rural residents can benefit.


“Increasing rural connectivity is a vital component of ‘Our Rural Future’. With this second round of funding under the Local Improvement Scheme this year, we will have invested €80 million in upgrading rural roads and laneways across the country since 2017.”


Revised 2021 County Allocations

County Allocation Round 1 2021 Allocation Round 2 2021 Total Allocation 2021
Carlow €270,000 €193,931 €463,931
Cavan €289,254 €830,135 €1,119,389
Clare €500,811 €327,717 €828,528
Cork €920,000 €492,738 €1,412,738
Donegal €697,456 €490,947 €1,188,403
Galway €876,959 €703,912 €1,580,871
Kerry €689,930 €497,169 €1,187,099
Kildare €270,000 €225,586 €495,586
Kilkenny €308,905 €469,777 €778,682
Laois €270,000 €284,259 €554,259
Leitrim €270,000 €233,830 €503,830
Limerick €404,090 €1,100,569 €1,504,659
Louth €270,000 €147,821 €417,821
Longford €270,000 €123,041 €393,041
Mayo €798,496 €563,129 €1,361,625
Meath €346,394 €457,543 €803,937
Monaghan €270,000 €1,056,223 €1,326,223
Offaly €298,871 €246,369 €545,240
Roscommon €375,104 €70,391 €445,495
Sligo €276,154 €194,388 €470,542
Tipperary €619,969 €101,562 €721,531
Waterford €278,802 €593,957 €872,759
Westmeath €276,433 €351,956 €628,389
Wexford €349,878 €303,908 €653,786
Wicklow €302,494 €439,141 €741,635
Totals €10,500,000 €10,500,000 €21,000,000

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