Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES)

Public Notice

191503_Notification Letter TWGs

Proposed material amendments draft RSES


The documents may also be inspected online at

Submissions or observations on the proposed material amendments only as set out in this report or the associated environmental report will be received between 15thMarch 2019 and 12th April 2019 (both dates inclusive) through one of the following media:

3rd Floor North, Ballymun Civic Centre,

Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin, D09 C8P5

The Regional Assembly will consider all relevant submissions made in writing within the stated period before adopting the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy.

All submissions will be acknowledged but it will not be possible to issue individual responses.

Please include the proposed amendment reference number (blue text in this document) as shown in this document to demonstrate validity of the submission.  Also state your name and address as part of your submission, and if you are representing another person, company or organisation, their full name and address.

Please note that public submissions may be published on our website and subject to Freedom of Information.

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