Heritage and Biodiversity Actions for Climate – A new webinar series

The Local Authority Heritage Officers Network invites you to a new series of Climate Action webinars. Join us for four one-hour sessions every Thursday, starting on 27th January at 9.30am.

You will hear about positive actions for climate from the heritage sector. Topics will include nature-based solutions, adaptation of heritage structures, risk assessment and will focus on methods that we hope will ignite action for climate right across the country.

Malcom Noonan, Minister for State for Heritage will launch the first seminar this Thursday.  Paddy Woodworth, journalist will chair this webinar entitled “Embedding Climate in Heritage”. This webinar focuses on how we work to embed the climate crisis, and mitigation and adaptation approaches into the heritage agenda.

The series is supported by the Local Authority Heritage Officer Network, the City and County Managers Association and the Heritage Council.

Fire on Sliabh Beagh Co Monaghan (Courtesy Shirley Clerkin, Monaghan County Council).

For further information and to register for these free Zoom webinars, click below –

Thursday 27th January at 9.30am Embedding Climate in Heritage

“Despite our heritage being a source of inspiration, livelihoods and significance, it is often missing in discussions on climate change…”.

– Dr. Kate Crowley, PCAN, Edinburgh.

This webinar focuses on how we work to embed the climate crisis, and mitigation and adaptation approaches into the heritage agenda. Our first webinar chair is Paddy Woodworth, author and journalist.

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Thursday 3rd February at 9.30am Wetlands Community and Climate

“Peatlands are an outstanding example of nature-based solutions and should be high on the political agenda…We must make peatland protection a more central part of our climate policy.”
– Global Peatlands Initiative at COP26.

Wetlands and peatlands are super solutions for climate, due to their important role for both climate mitigation in absorbing carbon and adaptation by providing many ecosystem services.

Our webinar chair today is Dr Martina Maloney, Chairperson of the Heritage Council.

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Thursday 10th February at 9.30am Nature based solutions for climate

Nature is “one of the most effective ways” of combatting climate change.

– Inger Andersen, UNEP.

Nature-based solutions are actions that protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems. They address societal challenges, thereby simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits.

Our webinar chair today is Claire Cooper, Assistant Principal, Science & Biodiversity Unit, NPWS.

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Thursday 17th February at 9.30am People Heritage and Climate

“Real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.”
– David Attenborough.

Local Authorities work with communities, landowners and politicians to create improved understanding and engagement with our places through the lenses of heritage and biodiversity. A sense of rootedness in a community helps stabilise society and allows actions to be taken for the common good.

Our webinar chair today is Sean McKeown, Director of Services, Kilkenny County Council and member of CCMA Rural Development, Community, Tourism, Culture and Heritage Committee.

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This seminar series is organised by the Local Authority Heritage Officer Network. Local Authority Heritage Officers play a key role in promoting heritage awareness, developing policy and providing advice and information on local as well as national heritage issues.

County Heritage Officers are employed by Local Authorities in partnership with the Heritage Council under the auspices of the Heritage Officer Programme, which was initiated in 1999. The programme celebrated 20 years in 2019. As of 1st September 2021, there is now a Heritage Officer employed in each Local Authority. More information on the network is here.



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