Green Dog Walker Campaign

The Green Dog Walker Programme is a non-confrontational friendly way to change attitudes about dog-fouling.
What’s the Green Hi Vis Vest for ?
If you see someone wearing the Green Dog Walkers Vest, it means they have “taken the pledge” to:
  • Always clean up after their dog.
  • Carry extra dog waste bags.
  • Gladly give you a dog waste bag for your dog – just ask !
Dog fouling is a health hazard. Did you know that children and sports field players and wheelchair users are most at risk from toxocariasis due to dog fouling?
You could be at risk from other potential infections from dogs including agents such as roundworm, salmonella and e-coli.
Under the Litter Pollution Acts 1997 – 2003 a fine of €150 can be imposed for not cleaning up after your dog.
How to get involved:
If you would like to “take the pledge” please complete the form below and your hi vis will be posted to you.
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