Expressions of Interest – Provision of Land, Houses & Vacant/Derelict Properties

Laois County Council is seeking expressions of interest for the following:

Provision of Residential Land

Laois County Council is seeking expressions of interest from any landowners interested in disposing of land (Greenfield or Brownfield) with appropriate zoning within the county of Laois for the development of housing.

Advance Purchase Arrangements for Un-commenced Residential Developments

Laois County Council is seeking to purchase un-commenced residential developments through turnkey arrangements for affordable and mixed tenure housing.  Home builders and housing developers with planning permission for suitable houses or apartments where construction has not yet commenced are asked to consider entering an advance purchase arrangement with the local authority to provide affordable and mixed tenure housing.

Provision of Vacant and/or Derelict Properties

Laois County Council is seeking expressions of interest in respect of the provision of additional housing through the supply of vacant and/or derelict properties. Proposals are welcome in respect of vacant and/or derelict properties in all our towns and villages.  The Council also welcomes proposals for the Repair & Leasing Scheme from owners of properties which have been vacant for at least 1 year and who cannot afford or access the funding needed to bring their properties up to the required standard for rental properties.

For further information and Expression of Interest Forms, please click here.

This Council is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

Angela McEvoy

A/Director of Services Housing

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