Dynamic Purchasing System For Building Contractors

The Local Government Operational Procurement Centre (LGOPC) has published a new Request to Tender on www.etenders.gov.ie (eTenders) to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System for Building Contractors for Minor Building Works on Residential Properties.

When established, Local Authorities will run Supplementary Request for Tenders (mini-competitions) with the Economic Operators admitted to the DPS.
To access the DPS tender documents, please ensure you register on the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) website www.etenders.gov.ie and search for this tender using the System ID number shown in the Table below.

All Applications for admittance to the DPS must be completed electronically on www.etenders.gov.ie.

The application process on eTenders will remain open after the initial application closing date and will continue to remain open to new and previously unsuccessful applications over the term of the DPS.

Should you wish to learn more about the DPS, please contact the LGOPC Helpdesk at 066 718 3734 or by email at eproc@kerrycoco.ie.


Competition Name Publishing


Initial Application Closing

Date & Time

DPS Established Publishing Website

Building Contractors for Minor Building Works on Residential Properties (Dynamic Purchasing System)



20th December 2022




8th February 2023

3 p.m.


June 2023  



System Id 230200


Further guidance is available in attached Information Note.

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