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Water Connection – Drilling a Well

If your property is incapable of being served by either a public or group scheme, you may decide to arrange for your own private well to be drilled.

Is there a grant towards the costs?

In certain circumstances, a grant may be obtained from the County Council.  The maximum grant payable is  €2,031.58 or 75% of the cost of the work, whichever is the lesser.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for a grant, a person must be providing a piped water supply to an existing house for the first time.


carrying out improvements to a seriously deficient existing piped water supply to a house.

Who is NOT eligible for a Grant?

A person is not eligible for a grant if, in the opinion of Laois County Council:

  • the house is under construction or has been constructed within the previous 7 years
  • grant has been paid within the previous 7 years for the provision of a house
  • a grant has been paid within the previous 7 years for the provision or improvement of a water supply to the house
  • the house is not occupied by the applicant as their normal place of residence
  • the house is presently connected to a public or group water scheme
  • the area in which the house is located or is about to be served by a public or group water scheme
  • the approved cost is less than €634.87
  • the work is carried out before Laois County Council inspect and approve the proposals

What works qualify under the scheme?

  • drilling or commissioning a new well.
  • improvement works to an existing well.
  • providing or upgrading a supply from a surface water source.
  • construction or improvement of a pumphouse and/or piping for a supply of water
  • provision or improvement of equipment for the treatment of a supply of water.


An inspection by Laois County Council of the proposed work will determine the costs and whether the works qualify for a grant.

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