Well Grants

Grants for Private Water Supplies  (Wells) under the Multi- Annual Rural Water Programme 2019-2021

Grant scheme to support improvement works for a private water supply providing water intended for human consumption and domestic purposes to a house, (more commonly known as private or household wells). The new grant is designed to facilitate the provision of a potable water supply for rural households that cannot connect to a mains supply.

The purpose of this grant scheme is to assist households in rural areas that are dependent on a private water supply (individual well) for their household use, by financially assisting them where they incur capital expenditure, to carry out improvements to the supply to ensure that the water supply is wholesome and clean, or that the quantity supplied is insufficient to meet the domestic needs of the household as defined in the Housing (Private Water Supply Financial Assistance) Regulations 2020 (S.I. No. 192 of 2020).

New Grant categories

  1. Provision of a new well – grant aid of 85% of the costs, subject to a maximum of €5,000
  2. Rehabilitation works – grant aid of 85% of the costs, subject to a maximum of €3,000
  3. Water Treatment (UV, Filtration) – grant of 100% of the costs,  subject to a maximum of €1,000

Applicant can apply solely for any of the above categories or a combination of same.

The scheme does not apply to houses where a connection to a public (Irish Water) or Group Water Scheme already exists or can reasonably be provided.


What Application Forms are available?

Form PWS 1a (Application Form) – 1a Foirm PWS (Foirm Iarratais)

Must be completed in full and submitted to Laois County Council prior to the commencement of any works.

The application will be accessed by Laois County Council staff and a letter will issue advising if said application qualifies or does not qualify for a grant.


Form PWS 1b (Payment Claim Form) – 1b  Foirm PWS (FOIRM ÉILIMH AR ÍOCAÍOCHT)

To be completed in full and submitted to Laois County Council when the approved works are  finished.


Terms & Conditions – Téarmaí agus Coinníollacha

It is important to read the Terms and Conditions before completing a grant application.


Download Well Grant forms


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