Leave No Trace

Be considerate of other people

  • Park appropriately – avoid blocking gateways, forest entrances or narrow roads.
  • Respect people you meet and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Take care not to damage property, especially walls, fences and crops.

Respect farm animals and wildlife

  • It is best not to bring a dog, but if you do, keep it under close control.
  • Avoid disturbing wild animals and birds particularly at sensitive times: mating, nesting and raising young (mostly between spring and early summer).
  • Keep wildlife wild, don’t feed wild animals or birds – our foods damage their health
  • Remain at a safe distance from both wild and farm animals.

Protect the trail from erosion

  • Use existing tracks
  • To avoid further erosion, travel in single file in the middle of the track even when wet or muddy.

Leave what you find

  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Do not damage structures, artifacts or monuments.
  • Leave rocks, plants, animals and habitats as you find them.

If you bring it in, take it out!

  • Take home ALL litter and leftover food (including tea bags, fruit peels and other biodegradable foods).
  • To dispose of solid human waste, dig a hole 10-12cms deep and at least 30m from water, campsites and tracks. Cover and disguise the hole when finished.

Minimise the effects of fire

  • Do not light fires and if you smoke, take used matches and cigarette butts home with you.
  • Where fires are permitted:

    • Use established fire rings, barbecues or create a mound fire.
    • Keep fires small.Only use sticks from the ground that can be broken by hand. Do not use growing vegetation for use as firewood.
    • Avoid burning plastics or other substances: which emit toxic fumes.
    • Burn all fires to ash, put out fires completely, and then scatter cool ashes.

Adapted from Leave No Trace Ireland Principles of Outdoor Ethics.

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