Parks & Open Spaces Byelaws Consultation

Laois County Council is considering new byelaws to help manage all of the parks, open spaces and recreational facilities in its administrative area more effectively, ensuring all residents and visitors are equally able to enjoy and make use of them in safety and comfort.  The existing Parks and Open Spaces byelaws date back to 2006 and need to be updated to reflect the current demands on our parks and open spaces.

What are Bye Laws?

Byelaws are local laws designed to address potential problems in a way that complements rather than duplicates existing legislation.  Not all problem behaviours will be covered by the new byelaws, for example dog fouling, as there is primary legislation in place which enables enforcement in these areas.

How to Make your Views Known?

Before the Council drafts the new byelaws the public are invited to examine the existing Byelaws and comment on any areas that need to be amended or included in the new byelaws.

Please submit your views by email to  by Friday 15th September 2017.

Click here to view the existing byelaws  Parks and Open Spaces Bye-Laws 2006 Laois.  Or alternatively copies of the byelaws will also be supplied if requested by phoning 057 8664058 or emailing

What Happens Next?

Following this preliminary consultation period, new draft Byelaws will be prepared and the public will have another opportunity to make formal submissions before the byelaws go before the Elected Members of Laois County Council for adoption.

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