Safety Tips

Safety Tips at the pool

  • Always have an adult watch you when you are in the pool — even in your own backyard.
  • Never go in the pool if there is no adult around.
  • Gates are around pools for a reason — to keep kids away from the water when there isn’t a lifeguard or adult around to watch them. Never go through any pool gates when they are closed. Stay safe and stay out!
  • Always obey pool rules.
  • Swim with a buddy.
  • Walk slowly in the pool area. Don’t run.
  • Swim at a depth that is safe for you. If you’re just learning to swim, stay in the shallow end.
  • Don’t push or jump on others. You could accidentally hurt someone or yourself.
  • Toys to help you float come in many shapes and sizes (an inner tube, air mattress, or beach ball, for example). Although they are fun and can help you while you learn to swim, what they can’t do is save a life. They’re toys that can lose air or float away.
  •  Don’t chew gum or eat while you swim — you could choke.
  • ‌Water Safety Week
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Safety Tips at the beach

  • Never swim alone!
  • Always swim where a lifeguard can see you and in areas that are marked for swimmers to use.
  • Wear protective footwear if surfaces are rough or rocky.
  • Don’t swim out too far.
  • Never pretend to be drowning. The lifeguard may take you seriously.
  • Don’t swim close to piers — those big, wooden structures that jut out into the water. If the water moves suddenly, you could hit a piling or a rock.
  • Store drinks in plastic containers at the beach — broken glass bottles and bare feet don’t mix.
  • Face the waves, instead of turning your back on them. Then you’ll know what’s coming.
  • Here’s a useful leaflet to show how to be safe at the beach, please take time to have a look through it.

Remember – Every kind of water has it’s own dangers

For further info on Safety please visit the Irish Water Safety website

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