Road Safety& Public Lighting

Road Safety and our Children


Unauthorised Vehicles on Public Road – Section 71 Roads Act 1993

It is an offence under the above Act to erect, place or retain a vehicle used for the purposes of advertising, the sale of goods, the provision of services or other similar purpose on a public road without the authorisation of the Roads Authority. See link below for more details.




To Report Public Lighting Fault

All street light defects can be logged by clicking one of these links. This is the quickest and most convenient way to get the light fixed.


Winter Maintenance

Inclement Winter weather results in frost and ice on the roads, bringing about an increased risk of collisions and loss of control accidents. During the winter months ground and air temperatures are monitored by Laois County Council staff, and when appropriate salting and gritting crews are called out.

The Winter salting programme results in safer roads with an annual spreading of over 1100 tons of salt on National and Regional Roads in Laois.

8_Winter Maintenance Programme County Map 2022 2023


Use of Irish on Traffic Signs

The use of Irish on the country’s traffic signs is the most visible illustration of the state’s policy regarding our official languages, Irish and English.  The road authorities are obliged to adhere to the obligations imposed on them with regard to the use of those languages on traffic signs under the Traffic Signs Manual.  The authorities involved are the National Roads Authority and the country’s local authorities.

A summary of the obligations imposed on road authorities in this regard is available at the link below:

You can report any errors noticed by downloading the form below and submitting it to An Coimisinéir Teanga at the address provided.


ROAD SAFETY PLAN 2017 – 2022

Road Safety Plan – 2017-2022


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