Road Opening Licence

‌‌One of the Roads Departments responsibilities is to ensure that our roads and footpaths are safe and suitable for public use.

The Roads Department in County Hall, Portlaoise deals with Road Opening Licences.

A “Road” includes footpaths, verges and carriageways.

A Road Opening Licence is required for:

Any excavation works being carried out in a public area, including directional drilling.

Laois County Council requires that any person/company who wishes to open up a section of public road or footpath obtain a Road Opening Licence before carrying out any work.  This is to ensure that all openings are appropriately carried out and are reinstated properly and are therefore safe for public use.

An application form should be completed in full and submitted along with the following:

All Plans, Maps, Evidence of Insurances, Traffic Management Plans and any other documentation outlined in the Application Form, General Conditions, Specification and Traffic Management Details.

Please note all fees and charges associated with Road Opening Licences are detailed on the “Specifications” section of the Application Form.  Fees and charges will be calculated by Laois County Council as part of the process involved and you will be notified of same when the licence is issued to you. Payment of the charges is required in order for the works to proceed.  Do not submit any payment with your application as this will be returned upon receipt by Laois County Council.

Download our Road Opening Application Form

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