Quarry Register

Registering Quarries

Section 261 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 introduced a once off system of registration for all quarries, except those for which planning permission was granted in the 5 years before Section 261 became operative. This process is now finished.

Under this section, the council has

  1. imposed conditions on the operations of quarries which have operated continually since before 1 October 1964,
  2. restated, modified or added to conditions on the operation of a quarry which has received planning permission more than 5 years before Section 261 commenced or
  3. simply register quarries who were in operation at the commencement of this section but who did not  fall into categories (1) or (2).

It should be noted that the registration of quarries under Section 261 does not confer planning consent for a quarry that is an unauthorised development. Therefore, an unauthorised development remains unauthorised even after registering with the planning authority.

Quarry Register

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