Applying for Planning Permission

Planning Application Process

Decision Process

Laois County Council is obliged to make a decision on a valid planning application within 8 weeks of receiving it, this is in the event that no Further Information has been requested by the Planning Authority. If the initial documentation submitted is not correct it must be invalidated and will be sent back to the applicant to rectify.  When Laois County Council issues a decision, there follows a period of 4 weeks, within which the applicant or a third party can appeal the decision to An Board Pleanála. Where no appeal is lodged within the 4 week period then Laois County Council issues the “Final Grant” of permission which is the legal document that allow permission to be commenced.

However, in some cases the planning authority may request Further Information before issuing a decision. In this case, the applicant has 6 months to respond to this request for Further Information. The planning authority must make its decision within 4 weeks of date of receipt of this information.

Making an Appeal on a Decision

If you wish to make an appeal on a decision of planning permission, you must make an appeal to An Bord Pleanala withing the 4 week period from issue of Decision to issue of Final Grant.  Please note that the Planning Authority cannot discuss an application within this period.  Guidelines for making an appeal are as follows: Guidance for Making an Appeal.

After Planning Permission has been Granted

After planning permission is granted, certain procedures and conditions need to be adhered to as part of the Final Grant.  All conditions must be complied with.

Commencing Your Development

You must notify the Planning Authority of your intention to commence your development.  To do so you must follow the commencement notice guidelines.

Development Contributions

Development Contributions apply to certain planning permissions, depending on the nature of the development, the reason for the application of Development Contributions is for the provision of Infrastructure in the County of Laois, they allow Laois County Council to provide these valuable services which are availed by all citizens of Laois and other Counties/Countries that visit our County.

In the event that they do apply, these charges are liable prior to commencement of any development.  Below is Laois County Councils development contribution scheme, which outlines the relevant charges that would be liable (please note that exemptions apply on certain applications).


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