Apply for a Council House

This scheme is for those who are in need of housing and cannot afford it from their resources. In assessing your application, the Local Authority will consider such factors as household size, household income, your present accommodation (if any), the condition of that accommodation, and any special circumstances including age, disability, medical circumstances etc. Houses are allocated to applicants in order of priority, taking all circumstances into account.

The new application form for Social Housing Support will be available for download here shortly.

You must also submit a completed hpl1-form with your application.

***Covid-19 : HPL1 Temporary Process***

Applicants for Social Housing should note that in light of the Covid-19 emergency, a temporary alternative arrangement has been put in place that will remove the need for them to obtain a physically completed HPL1 form from Revenue, either in person, by post or via Revenue’s online systems ROS/MyAccount.  Instead, the applicant can request that the Local Authority undertake an electronic process to obtain the information from the Revenue Commissioners.  Persons who wish to avail of this option should contact Laois County Council and request that the relevant HPL1 information be obtained on their behalf by the Council.

Notes on Completing the Application Form

All sections of the application should be completed by you.  If a section does not apply to your circumstances, please state so. Any information omitted by you may affect your application.

APPLICATION:  In the case of married couples or other joint applicants details for both should be included in Section.

OCCUPATION:  State if employed (position held, e.g. driver, etc): Unemployed, Student, Or Other (Specify).

INCOME: If employed attached Certificate of Income must be submitted together with recent P60 Tax Form OR  2 recent payslips.

If unemployed attached Certificate of Amount of Benefit or Assistance from the Department of Social Welfare Officer, as appropriate, must be submitted. Please note proof of income must be supplied in respect of every member of the household.

HEALTH: If you are seeking housing on medical grounds, a Medical Certificate must be submitted.If no certificate is submitted your claim will be disregarded.

In the case of Demountable Dwellings and Single Rural Dwellings, the site must be provided by the applicant.

If assistance is required in completing the application form‌, please do not hesitate to request assistance from the Housing Department.This form should be returned to Laois County Council, Housing Department, Áras an Chontae, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. R32 EHP9

Applications Questions

Where do I apply? Application forms are available at the link above or from the Housing Department, Laois County Council, Áras an Chontae, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. R32 EHP9

What happens when I apply?  When applications are received all applications are processed to ensure that all relevant information is correct.   Once a valid application is submitted, an assessment is carried out by the Social Worker in Laois County Council.

Do I qualify for housing ? If you are in need of housing and are unable to provide it from your own resources you may apply for local authority housing. In assessing your application the local authority take into account factors such as local connection to the area, household size, household income, present accommodation (if any), the condition of that accommodation and any special circumstances including age, disability, medical circumstances, etc.

What happens if I qualify? You are placed on the Council’s waiting list and, and you will be housed in accordance with the Council’s Housing Allocation Scheme.

What if I don’t qualify ? The Council will inform you and explain the reasons for their decision. The decision can be appealed to the appropriate Director of Services.

What happens if I am Homeless? If you are homeless you present to the offices of Laois County Council and your application will be processed

How long will it take before I get offered a house? Unfortunately this cannot be determined. This depends on the areas the applicant has opted for and the availability of dwellings in that area

What happens if Laois County Council offer me a dwelling I don’t want ? In accordance with the Housing Allocations Scheme, refusals of two reasonable offers of social housing over a twelve month period will result in a household being deemed to have forfeited their place on the waiting list for a period of twelve months.  This will mean the household will not be offered social housing support for the suspension period and time will not be added on during this period ‘time on list’ or any other priority determining purposes.

For more information, please see our Housing Allocation Scheme -adopted by Council on 30 May 2011.