Archaeological Monuments in Laois

Many archaeological monuments have been identified in Laois and recorded by the Archaeological Survey of Ireland. These are listed in the Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) for the County and are protected by law.

Details of the monuments and architecture of the country can be viewed at the Historic Environment Viewer which shows details of sites which are of importance for architecture and archaeology.

Recorded Monuments are protected under the National Monuments Acts, and anyone planning to carry out work of any kind at these sites, must give two months prior notice to the relevant Minister.

Further information on this is available from the National Monuments Service.

Cullahill Castle

Cullahill Castle

Only a small percentage of monuments are in State ownership, and the care and preservation of most depends largely on the interests and respect of the individual landowners. Monuments on private land should not be accessed without the permission of the landowner.

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