Town and Village Streetscape Enhancement Scheme 2021

Applications are invited from within the following towns and villages for funding of streetscape and shopfront enhancement projects under the 2021 Town and Village Streetscape Enhancement scheme:

Commercial, residential or unoccupied buildings only in the areas highlighted on the maps above are eligible to apply for the scheme.

Our Rural Future is the Government’s five-year strategy to revitalise rural Ireland and includes a commitment to upgrade and enhance shopfronts and street facades in our rural towns and villages. This activity will be funded by the Department of Rural & Community Development (DRCD) through this 2021 Streetscape Enhancement Measure. This is an additional Measure introduced as part of the Town & Village Renewal Scheme. €7 million is being made available under this Measure in 2021. Improving the visual appearance of our urban streetscapes increases pride and confidence in our home towns and villages, making them more attractive places to live, work and do business.

The focus of this measure is to support the upgrade and enhancement of shopfronts and street facades of defined areas within selected rural town/village centres.

Eligible Works

Eligible works include painting, signage replacement, shopfront improvement, scaffolding, materials, lighting and planting; see also below:



  • Green enhancement of entrances/ terraces with planting (Maximum grant funding €500)
  • Painting of building/shopfront in carefully selected colours which will complement the host building and streetscape.
  • Mural which must agreed in advance with Local Authority (Maximum grant funding €1,500)
  • Decluttering and repair of shopfronts; decluttering can include such works as removing unnecessary signs, flagpoles, wiring etc (Maximum grant funding €2,000)
  • Careful illumination and lighting of architectural features of buildings. (Maximum grant funding €4000)
  • Improvements to shopfront window displays and staging. (Maximum grant funding €4000)
  • Replacement of signage with traditional wooden fascia with wooden/hand painted lettering OR contemporary design (Maximum grant funding €4000)
  • Canopies/Awnings complementary to the materials of the shopfront and building (including street furniture) (Maximum grant funding €4000)
  • Replacement of existing shopfront with traditional painted wooden shopfront OR contemporary design (Maximum grant funding €4000)

Maximum per building €8,000

Grant Rates

Grant funding will be provided at the following rates:

  • 70% for Individual premises – matched funding 30%
  • 80% for Joint applications (groups of 3 or more adjacent premise)s – matched

funding 20%

  • 100% – Where painting is undertaken by direct labour by applicant


Closing date

The closing date for applications is 5pm, Tuesday, 7th September 2021.


Procurement requirements for applications / Quotations

The following procurement rules apply, as a minimum, to the individual projects funded:

2 x Contractor quotations;

1 x Materials quotation;

(Note: 3 written quotations for contracts above €5,000 as per National Procurement



Successful applications will require:

  • Completed Application Form.
  • Required Quotations
  • Photograph prior to commencement of project

Payment of Grant Award will require

  • Photograph of completed project
  • Evidence of payment – ie bank statement extract showing transaction


For any queries on this scheme please contact Denise Rainey/ Sheila Cahill in the Business Support Unit  at Laois County Council at

Applications can only be made online for this scheme.

Click here to apply for the scheme

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