‘Be Summer Ready’ campaign launched

The Government has launched a ‘Be Summer Ready’ leaflet, containing information on being prepared and staying safe during these summer months, for the individual, family, home, farm, business and school.

This booklet is part of the Government of Ireland initiative to provide information to the general public on issues which may affect them during the summer months in Ireland. The booklet complements a long standing and very successful “Be Winter Ready” public information campaign.

During the summer months, Ireland’s waterways and beaches become very popular. More people visit the countryside, engage in outdoor pursuits, visit family farms or take holidays abroad. With these activities

there are associated risks and this booklet provides information on these.

In addition, people die in Ireland in drowning accidents, farm accidents, on our roads or succumb to summer related illnesses. Wildfires are a more common occurrence in this period.


The booklet is published by the Office of Emergency Planning, on behalf of the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning. There is more information and useful links on website: www.gov.ie/summerready

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