Local Elections 2019

The Local Elections 2019 were held on Friday 24th May 2019 in conjunction with the European Elections and a Referendum.

Elections were conducted on the basis of the areas set out in the 2018/2019 Ministerial orders which implement the recommendations of the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee Reports 2018.


There are three Local Electoral Areas within County Laois and they are:


Local Electoral Area No. of Members
Borris In Ossory –   Mountmellick 6
Graiguecullen –   Portarlington 6
Portlaoise 7
Total 19


Please follow the links below for the results of the 2019 Local Elections by area.

Borris In Ossory – Mountmellick LEA

Graiguecullen – Portarlington LEA

Portlaoise LEA



The following documents are available for downloading by clicking on the various links hereunder:



Should you have any further queries on the above, please contact Irene Delaney, Deputy Returning Officer, on (057) 8664095 or at localelections2019@laoiscoco.ie


Free phone number for use in connection with Ballot Paper Templates 1800832032

Ballot paper templates will be available to vision impaired voters at the 2019 Local Elections. A ballot paper template is a transparent plastic device that is placed on top of a ballot paper and has a number of features to facilitate the marking of a ballot paper in secret by a vision impaired voter. Raised numbering and braille on the template will guide you to the relevant openings that corresponds to the candidates on the ballot paper.


Laois County Council has set up a free phone facility for use in connection with the Local Elections 2019.


By contacting this free phone number, you can listen to the candidates for each of the Local Electoral Areas in Laois in the order in which they will appear on the ballot paper.


The Local Electoral Areas are: Portlaoise, Graiguecullen – Portarlington and Borris In Ossory – Mountmellick.


If you are a vision impaired voter wishing to vote in secret at the forthcoming Local Elections, you can ask the Presiding Officer at your polling station to attach a Ballot Paper Template to your ballot paper.

The free phone number to contact is 1800832032







Local Elections 2014

The Local Elections 2014 were held on Friday 23rd of May 2014 in conjunction with the European Elections.
The Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee Report 2013 which was published on Thursday 30th May 2013 outlined changes to Local Electoral Areas effective for Local Elections in 2014.

The County of Laois Local Electoral Areas and Municipal Districts Order 2014 amended the division of Laois into local electoral areas and fixed the number of members for each such area as follows:

There are 3 Local Electoral Areas within county Laois and they are:


Local Electoral Area

No. of Members

Borris In Ossory –   Mountmellick


Graiguecullen –   Portarlington






Eligibility For Election to Local Authority

 (a) Every Irish citizen and every person ordinarily resident in the State, who has reached the age of 18, who is not subject to any of the disqualifications outlined in paragraph (b) below, is eligible for election;

(b) A person is disqualified for election to a local authority if he/she –

 is a member of the Commission of the European Communities, or

  •  is a member of the European Parliament, or
  •  is a Judge, Advocate General or Registrar of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, or
  • is a member of the Court of Auditors of the European Communities, or
  • is a member of Dáil Éireann or Seanad Éireann, or
  •  is appointed under the Constitution as a Judge or as the Comptroller and Auditor General, or
  •  is a member of the Garda Síochána, or
  • is a wholetime member of the Defence Forces, or
  •  is a civil servant who is not by the terms of his or her employment expressly permitted to be a member of a local authority, or
  •  is a person employed by a local authority and is not the holder of a class, description or grade of employment designated by order under section 161(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 2001, or
  •  is a person employed by the Health Service Executive and is at a grade or of a description of employment designated by order of the Minister for Health and Children, or
  •  is undergoing a sentence of imprisonment for any term exceeding 6 months imposed by a court of competent jurisdiction in the State, or
  • fails to pay any sum or any portion of any sum charged or surcharged by an auditor of the accounts of any local authority upon or against that person, or
  • fails to comply with a final judgement, order or decree of a court of competent jurisdiction, for payment of money due to a local authority, or
  •  is convicted of, or has had a conviction confirmed on appeal for, an offence relating to fraudulent or dishonest dealings affecting a local authority or corrupt practice or acting when disqualified.

(Local Government Act 2001, as amended – sections 13 and 13A).


A person in any of the categories listed above is also disqualified from nomination for election (Local Government Act 2001 – section 2(4)).

Register of Electors

In order to be able to vote at an election, an elector must be entered on the Register of Electors for the locality in which the electors ordinarily resides. For further information in relation to the Register – Register of Electors

Election & Referendum Posters – Frequently Asked Questions

Election & Referendum Posters FAQ


ESB Press Release

ESB Networks warns against using electricity poles as poster sites for the Local and European Elections

ESB Press Release


Advert Notice of Elections

Advert notice of Elections – Irish

Advert notice of Elections – English


Notice of Poll

Notice of Poll – Portlaoise (english)

Notice of Poll – Portlaoise (Irish)


Notice of Poll – Graiguecullen Portarlington (english)

Portarlington Graiguecullen (Irish)


Notice of Poll – Mountmellick Borris in Ossory (english)

Mountmellick Borris In Ossory (Irish)


Results of Local Elections 2014

Signed Results Sheet Portlaoise

Signed Declaration of Result Portlaoise

Signed Results Sheet Graiguecullen Portarlington

Signed Declaration of Result Graiguecullen Portarlington

Signed Results Sheet Borris in Ossory Mountmellick

Signed Declaration of Result Borris in Ossory Mountmellick