Climate Action Resource Kit

The Climate Action Resource Kit for Primary Schools is designed to empower educators and engage young minds in the critical topic of climate action. We understand the importance of equipping today’s youth with the knowledge and tools they need to make a positive impact on our planet.


    1. Lesson Plan
      1. Our comprehensive lesson plans are thoughtfully crafted to align with primary school curriculum standards and are all contained within the

    Climate Action Laois Primary school resource kit

      1. for Teachers. The guide contains 4 lesson plan which are linked to a series of animated videos as a core teaching tool, helping students grasp key concepts related to climate action. Each lesson plan includes a variety of engaging materials, such as

     PowerPoint Presentation

      , interactive learning games and exercises

2. Instructional Video for Teachers:

To ensure that educators are well-prepared to use our resource kit effectively, we provide an instructional video featuring Susan Adams from Education for Sustainability. Susan offers valuable insights and tips on how to make the most of our kit in the classroom.

3. Animated Climate Action Video Series

Our unique resource kit features an animated video series narrated by the renowned science communicator, Dr. Niamh Shaw. Dr. Shaw’s expertise and passion for science communication shine through in these captivating videos. With her guidance, complex concepts related to climate change, the carbon cycle, and the Earth’s atmosphere are presented in a way that is accessible and engaging for young learners.


Video 1: What is Climate Change?

Video 2: Our Atmosphere

Video 3: The Carbon Cycle

Video 4: The Water Cycle


Why Choose Our Resource Kit?:

Expert Narration: Dr. Niamh Shaw’s expertise as a science communicator ensures that students receive a high-quality educational experience.

Engaging Lesson Plan: Our lesson plans incorporates dynamic activities that make learning about climate action both fun and informative.

Curriculum-Aligned: The kit has been designed to align seamlessly with primary school curriculum standards, making it an excellent fit for your classroom.

– Coming Soon 17th October at 10.15am Book by clicking on this link: Join Dr. Niamh Shaw on a Journey of Discovery – Antarctic Workshop Series















We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our Climate Action Resource Kit for Primary Schools: the Antarctic Workshop Series with Dr. Niamh Shaw! This unique opportunity allows your students to connect with a true explorer, scientist, and ESA Champion for Space Education. Dr. Niamh Shaw is embarking on a remarkable mission to the Antarctic as part of a global leadership program focused on climate change. And she wants your school to be a part of her journey!


Workshop Highlights:

  1. Pre-Mission Workshop:
  • Date and Time: early November
  • Overview: Join Dr. Niamh Shaw for an exclusive online workshop before she departs for the Antarctic. In this session, she will share her insights and knowledge gained from space exploration, her upcoming Antarctic mission, and her previous expedition to the Kalahari desert in Africa.
  • Topics Covered: This workshop will cover key primary science curriculum topics, including environmental awareness and care, heat, living things, and materials and change.


  1. Video Blogs from Antarctica:

Scheduled Video Blogs: Throughout her Antarctic mission, Dr. Niamh Shaw will share a series of video blogs showcasing her experiences of life in extreme conditions and the fascinating experiments being conducted in this unique environment.

Experiential Learning: These video blogs will serve as an immersive educational tool, allowing your students to witness firsthand the challenges and wonders of Antarctic exploration.


  1. Post-Mission Workshop:
  •    Date and Time: December
  • Overview: After returning from her Antarctic adventures, Dr. Niamh Shaw will reconnect with your students in a second online workshop. This session will provide a unique opportunity to learn about her experiences, discoveries, and the importance of climate change mitigation in the Antarctic region.
  • Topics Covered: The post-mission workshop will further explore primary science curriculum topics related to climate change and environmental science.


About Dr. Niamh Shaw:

  •  Dr. Niamh Shaw is an award-winning science communicator, explorer, and engineer with a passion for sharing her knowledge of science, space, and our planet. She has been recognized by the European Space Agency as Ireland’s first ‘ESA Champion in Education.’
  • Niamh’s expertise extends to her work as a science writer for The Irish Times and as the host of ‘Space Hub’ on RTE’s Home School Hub during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Her dedication to science engagement has taken her on expeditions around the world, including the Kalahari desert in Botswana, Africa.
  • Niamh is one of 93 women participating in the Homeward Bound Projects, a global leadership program championing female scientists and engineers while exploring innovative ways to communicate climate change.


Join the Adventure:

  •  These exclusive workshop sessions are made possible for your region through the generous support of Laois County Council, who are sponsoring Niamh’s Antarctic expedition.
  • Dr. Niamh Shaw invites your school to join her on this educational and inspiring expedition, sharing her adventures and knowledge before, during, and after this unique experience.


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to engage your students in climate action, space exploration, and environmental awareness with Dr. Niamh Shaw. Stay tuned for the announcement of dates and times for these workshops and be part of a transformative learning experience that will inspire and empower your students to make a positive impact on our planet.


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