Wildfires – Leave no trace

Wildfires in Ireland do not start naturally, every wildfire here has been manmade. The good news about this is that wildfires are preventable if we change our behaviours and act responsibly. 🔥

The use of fire is prohibited in many state-owned green spaces such as Coillte forests and National Parks. In other areas, it is essential to ask for permission from the landowner before you consider the use of fire on your trip.

Did you know that wildfires are estimated to emit about 8 billion tons of CO2 per year?  It’s so important to protect these wild spaces so that nature can thrive, and we have access to clean air and pristine recreational areas. By preserving our landscape, we benefit everyone.

If you are at a designated site where fires are permitted, make sure you have the skills for setting and using campfires.

Visit https://www.leavenotraceireland.org/love-this-place-leave-no-trace-fires-outdoors/ to find out more about the use of fire in Ireland.

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