Laois County Council highlights the vital work of local authority staff and the services they provide on ‘Your Council Day’

The vital work of Laois County Council employees and the role they are playing in our county’s social and economic life is being highlighted for this year’s ‘Your Council Day’, which takes place on Friday 23rd June.

Across social media, #YourCouncilDay will showcase the work of our committed and passionate local authority employees who are working to make a difference to the lives of the people in their community.

Local authorities carry out a broad range of activities that make a significant contribution to the physical, cultural, social and environmental development of their communities. Whether its business supports through the LEOs, enterprise centres and economic development plans, or climate action, community supports and tourism development, Laois County Council is working for everyone.

Laois County Council will also join other local authorities in providing a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a typical day in the council to show the public the range of work and the variety of services their council provides to them.

Social media users throughout the community are asked to post their experiences of council initiatives using the hashtag #YourCouncilDay / #DoLásaChomhairle.

Follow our FB Page or #YourCouncilDay / #DoLásaChomhairle on Twitter to find out what’s happening in Laois during Your Council Day.



A Vision for Portlaoise – A Strategy for a Better Town Centre

A Vision for Portlaoise – A Strategy for a Better Town Centre has been prepared by the Commissioned Consultants GVA et al which provides a proposed strategy, interventions, and policies including the following:

  • A ‘Shared Vision’ for Portlaoise Town Centre public spaces, parks, landscaping, walkways, traffic, transport, parking etc.
  • Key design interventions for urban spaces designated for enhancement,
  • Pedestrian priority linkages between the old and new areas of Town Centre and
  • A 3D model of Portlaoise Town Centre showing the existing town, the proposed interventions and the exposure and showcasing of the heritage assets.
  • Proposed policies and objectives and design manual.

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