Make Way Day 25th September 2020

Local authorities throughout Ireland will support #makewayday20 on Friday 25th September by creating awareness around the access issues faced by the people of Laois as they go about their daily business.  With Covid 19 ever looming over us we will not be taking to the streets this year to highlight the issues.  However, throughout the day will highlight access issues that people experience on a daily basis.  We will be heard loud and clear on our media platforms and ask you to share and retweet our posts.

It’s too easy for us to label these issues as not my problem. You may be right in thinking that the car indiscriminately parked on the footpath is not an inconvenience to you but some day it might.  Not everyone was born with their disability.  All of us are getting older and maybe less mobile as time goes by and navigating through cars parked on a footpath can be challenging.  Or, someone that may be visually impaired may experience difficulty encountering an advertising board outside your business.  We all have a role to play in making our streets easier to navigate.

As part of the Laois Age Friendly Programme we have conducted a number of Walkability Audits around the county. The objective of these audits is to identify what we can do to make our streets more accessible. As a result of these audits there have been major improvements to the accessibility of these areas. We are fully committed to working with all stakeholders towards making our streets more accessible and easier to navigate for everyone.

For more information about Make Way Day 2020  click here