Laois Sports Partnership are also delighted to kick off the new year with Laois Transformation starting on MONDAY , 10TH JANUARY.  It  is a FREE 6-week online programme designed and delivered by the experts in True Fitness and is funded by Sport Ireland. This programme includes a variety of exercise classes and ‘Minding Me’ workshops. It is suitable for adults (aged 18+) of all fitness abilities.

There are five types of exercise classes as part of the Laois Transformation programme, including:

  • Age Well: these classes are specifically for people aged 60-80 years.
  • Body Well: these classes are designed for adults of all ages and fitness abilities.
  • Move Well: these are Pilates classes.
  • Sit Well: these classes are designed specifically for people who sit for long periods of time. They involve full body flexibility/stretching to improve range of motion, reduce the risk of injury, pain and stiffness & improve quality of life.
  • Farm Well: these classes are designed specifically for farmers and their families. These classes aim to reduce aches and pains associated with farming by improving fitness, strength, balance, and flexibility.


*You can attend more than one type of exercise class if appropriate.

It is recommend you use a mat for the exercise classes, but you do not need any equipment or much space to take part. All exercises will be performed at your own ability and all exercises will be modified to ensure that they take into consideration any injuries or clinical issues that you have. All training sessions will be delivered by trained professionals, and you will receive take home resources as part of this programme.

‘Minding Me’ Workshops

True Fitness will deliver one live 30-minute ‘Minding Me’ workshop per week for 6 weeks. These workshops will provide you with :

  1. Tips on how to successfully set New Year’s Resolutions for January and beyond.
  2. Simple, practical, evidence-based nutrition tips for meaningful health gains in 2022.
  3. Tips to avoid the negative impact of prolonged sitting on your body and health in your home and/or work environment.
  4. Shopping tips and food swaps for a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Understand the relationship between food and mood.
  6. Information on how to keep your body young and healthy as you age.


We highly recommend that you attend these workshops as they are live and will not be recorded.

Laois Transformation starts on Monday 10th January 2022. You can register for the programme at any time throughout the duration of the programme. To register, visit to complete a screening form. There you will also find a document outlining details of each exercise class and when they are each scheduled. For any queries email

Caroline Myers, Co-ordinator Laois Sports Partnership “ We are delighted to support the people and communities in Laois by creating opportunities for all to participate in physical activity in our free online Laois Transformation programme to kick off the New Year.  There is something for everyone in this programme with five different exercise classes – Age well, Body well, Move well, Sit well and Farm well as well as “minding me” workshops with plenty of tips for leading a healthy lifestyle”.