IBAL Results – Irish Business Against Litter featuring Portlaoise Town


Portlaoise:  11th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed.  Clean to European Norms.

Continued improvement for Portlaoise, which has now established itself as consistently Clean to European Norms. The Recycle Facility at the Motor Tax Office was in much better condition that in the previous survey when it was heavily littered – this time around it was litter-free .Other top ranking sites included Portlaoise Train Station, Market Square and Main Street – these sites were well presented and maintained.  Pepper’s Lane was by far the most heavily littered site surveyed – there were heavy levels of a wide variety of litter throughout and graffiti was pronounced.

R922 Approach Road:  Grade A.  This is a modernised approach in to the town of Portlaoise with pavement to one side and rough grass to the other.  Road surface and markings and pavement were in good order.  There was a virtual absence of litter in the area surveyed.

Market Square:  Grade A. The overall presentation of Market Square was a fresh one.  The paving, seating, bins, and general streetscape were in very good condition.  Apart from some chewing gum at the car parking area there was a virtual absence of litter throughout.

Main Street:  Grade A.  There was attractive paving along much of this street and the bollards and bins were in good condition.  No major litter issues were noted.

Derelict Building on Railway Street:  Grade B.  This boarded up residential unit is well on its way to becoming heavily littered.  The fanlight window was broken and signage / notice boards associated with the house is strewn on the ground.  There was a wide variety of litter.

Portlaoise Train Station – External:  Grade A.  The ‘olde’ style station building looked very well.  The entrance and car park were generally clear of litter.  Signage and car park surface were in good condition.

Portlaoise Train Station – Internal:  Grade A.  The station platform and bridge were very much in the ‘olde’ style of the station while the waiting room is much more modern.  It was clean, bright and comfortable looking.

Plas Mhic Mhuiris:  Grade A. An air of calm pervades the amphitheatre in Portlaoise.  The raised seating, with minimal adornments, was in good order.  The surrounding shrubbery was in good condition.  Old chewing gum was pronounced on some parts of the paving but overall the impression was a very positive one.

Peppers Lane:  Grade C. The paving and bollards were in good condition and there was a small plant outside ‘Alfies’.  However, the remainder of the laneway was very poor.  There was a boarded up property which was riddled with graffiti.  Graffiti was also to be found on several other surfaces throughout.  Heavy levels of a wide variety of food related litter were present.

Recycle Facility beside Motor Tax Office:  Grade A. It was good to see this facility in such a good state compared to IBAL Survey 1, 2017 when it was heavily littered.  The overall appearance was not just cleaner but fresher too.  Having achieved litter free status this time around, hopefully it can be sustained.

N80 Connecting Road to Tullamore:  Grade A.  All seemed in very good order along this road.