Christmas Holiday Laois Dog Pound Arrangements 2022

The Laois Dog Pound/Shelter will be CLOSED:-
Christmas Eve – Saturday 24th December 2022.
Christmas Day – Sunday 25th December 2022.
St Stephen’s Day – Monday 26th December 2021.
Tuesday 27th December 2022.(in lieu of Christmas Day).
Wednesday 28th December 2022.(Pound Closed)
New Years Day Sunday 1st January 2023.
Monday 2nd January 2023.(in lieu of New Year’s Day)

The Laois Dog Pound/Shelter will be OPEN:
Thursday 29th December 2022.
Friday 30th December 2022.
Saturday 31st December 2022.

Between 10.00 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. for the public to bring in STRAY or RECLAIM & REHOME Dogs.
From Tuesday 3rd January 2023, The Laois Dog Pound/Shelter will be re-open as normal.

Always remember to keep your dog under effectual control and accompanied at all times in a
public place, and ensure your dog has a Microchip & Certificate of Ownership. And a current/
valid Dog Licence for your dog, available at all post offices or online at:

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