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Christmas Tree Recycling at Kyletalesha Landfill

Christmas Trees are being accepted for recycling free of charge for the month of January at Kyletalesha Landfill. Please ensure to remove any lights and decorations beforehand. This refers to Real trees only.  

Clean streets start with you and me.

Lets all start afresh this New Years Day and keep the walkways and paths clean for all users. Please be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your pet.   Walk away from a €150 fine.

Dogs are not just for Christmas

Dogs are not just for Christmas nor is the responsibility to clean up after them. If your dog fouls while you are out walking, bag it, bin it or bring it home.   Think of other walkers and path users and walk away from a €150 fine.

Christmas Recycling Tips

Christmas Recycling   We all have more cardboard to dispose of this time of year. Good news its recyclable. Please put it in your recycle bin, if you have a larger quantity you can dispose of it at our Recycling Centres at Kyeltalesha or Portarlington. Full details of locations and […]

Bring Banks over the Christmas Period

If you visit one of the local bring banks over the Christmas Period and it is full, please bring your recycling to another site or bring it home until the site is serviced. Also please refrain from leaving recycling on the ground, or boxes and bags and other items. Such […]

Electrical Items can be recycled free of charge all year round !!

A friendly reminder that electrical items (WEEE goods) are taken FREE of charge at our Recycling Centres at Kyletalesha and Portarlington all year round !!! full details can be found on So if you are doing a clear out or making room for some new items this festive season please […]

Don’t forget the batteries !!!

Don’t forget the batteries !!!!   When the batteries reach the end of their life cycle please dispose of them safely. They are one of the items taken Free of charge all year round at our Recycling Centres at Kyletalesha and Portarlington.   Electrical items (WEEE goods) are accepted free […]

Pride in Laois is picking up !!!

Lets not make Christmas rubbish for someone else. Our Tidy Towns have worked hard and long all year round to keep the towns and villages looking great. Why not give them a well deserved break from litter picking this festive season. Please report any incidents of illegal dumping on the […]

Draft Litter Management Plan 2022 – 2024

Laois Council proposes to replace its Litter Management Plan 2018 – 2020.  A new Draft Litter Management Plan has been prepared for the prevention and control of litter within the County setting out our objectives and activities for the period of the plan 2022- 2024. Submissions are invited from members […]

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