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If the Bedroom Walls Had Ears

If the Bedroom Walls had Ears is a 6 part Podcast series, produced by award-winning Broadcaster Ann Marie Kelly. In the six episodes she documents the hopes and dreams of young people, now confined to their bedrooms, hidden away, often behind a screen. What is revealed is a group of […]

Laois Africa Day 2021 – Flag

Janelle joins us again today to tell us about some of the flags of Africa. Africa is a continent, not a country, so it does not have its own flag. There are 54 independent sovereign countries in Africa as well as the international organization called African Union within the African continent has […]

Laois Africa Day 2021

Meet Rotimi, Ireland’s Black Mayor. In 2004, Rotimi was elected as a town councillor in Laois County Council local elections. In June 2007 he was elected as mayor of Portlaoise Town Council. In the 2009 local elections Rotimi was re-elected to the town council and also to Laois County Council for the Portlaoise electoral area Laois […]

Laois Africa Day – “Hello, my name is …” in Igbo

Meet Jenelle. Jenelle is 9 and enjoys art, acting, history, gymnastics and swimming. On this video you will learn how to say “Hello, my name is ….” In Igbo. Igbo is the principal native language of the Igbo people, an ethnic group of eastern Nigeria. Igbo is one of the largest […]

Community Check in Cards

Registered members of the Public Participation Network will be delivering ‘Check-In’ cards to older and vulnerable persons in our communities, living alone or more isolated during this pandemic.  This neighbourly non-contact check in invites people to stay connected and reach out if they need support.  Contact the PPN at 057 […]

Africa Day 2021 – Song ‘Eye Adaba’

Meet Adedolapo and Femi Emmanuel who are signing ‘Eye Adaba’ by Nigerian-French singer, Asa. Literally interpreted as “Dove”, it is a solemn, introspective prayer; one of hope and sincere yearning for peace. Laois Africa Day 2021 is brought to you by Laois County Council in partnership with Laois African Support Group, supported […]

Grow it Forward

GIY, in partnership with Healthy Ireland and public libraries will distribute 50,000 free food growing kits as part of a new ‘Grow it Forward’ initiative. Recipients are asked to use the kits to share the experience with ten people, enabling half a million people across Ireland to enjoy the wide […]

Laois Africa Day 2021 – Hair Braiding

Meet Sonia. Sonia will demonstrate the art of braiding. Braiding has been used to style hair for thousands of years in many different cultures around the world.   In many African tribes, hairstyles are unique and used to identify each tribe. Braid patterns or hairstyles can be an sign of a […]

Laois Africa Day 2021

Pippa Hackett, Minister of State for Agriculture with responsibility for land use and biodiversity recites the poem “One” written bi Sage Hasson. Sage is Nigeria’s premier spoken word poet who has featured in over 400 events, both small and big, across Africa. Laois Africa Day 2021 is brought to you […]

Laois Africa Day 2021

Today see’s the launch of Laois Africa Day 2021. Although restrictions on physical gatherings will be in place due to public health measures, preventing the holding of in-person events to mark the occasion, our social media channels will facilitate virtual celebration and reflection until it is possible to meet once […]

Help is At Hand

Looking after your physical and mental health is more important than ever now. Help is at Hand is equipping people with information on where to go if they need emotional and mental health support during COVID-19. Help is at Hand click here  

Gardening for Biodiversity

The Local Authority Heritage Officer Network has launched a campaign to get people connected with nature, as part of the Government’s “Keep Well” Campaign. A free booklet “Gardening for Biodiversity” has been produced and is available from the Laois Heritage Officer. Get your free copy by emailing and also […]

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