Social Housing

Social Housing is broadly defined as accommodation provided by a local authority or approved non-profit housing body for persons who are unable to provide accommodation for their own resources. This includes the provision of housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, persons with disabilities, homeless persons and young people leaving institutional care with no family accommodation.

Rents – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my rent?

There are five (5) ways to pay your rent

1) Household budget scheme: All Persons on Social Welfare paid through the Post Office can have their rent deducted through household budget deductions.

2) Standing orders. Please contact 057 64090 or to request a form.‌

3) Cash Office in County Hall.

4) Cheques, postal orders, money orders (no cash) through the postal system sent directly to the Cash Office

5) Through your local Revenue Collector

What if you have a change in circumstances?

If your income changes in any way, e.g. commenced/ended employment, social welfare payment increased/decreased, FIS payment, new baby, you must fill in a Rent Assessment Form . Please contact 057 64090 or to request a form.‌

What if I fall into arrears?

If you fall into arrears, you can contact the Rents Section in the Housing Department and make an agreement to pay your rent plus a small amount extra every week to reduce the arrears.  Please contact 057 64140 or 057 8664230 if you wish to discuss the arrears on your account.

What if I want someone to move in with me?

Before they move in, the named tenants on the tenancy agreement, plus the person who wants to move in must call in and fill in a Permission to Reside Application Form‌.  This is then sent to the Senior Social Worker who approves/rejects the application.

What if someone leaves the house?

If someone leaves the house, this is a change in circumstances and a rent assessment form must be filled in and your rent reviewed.  Please contact 057 64090 or to request a form.

What if I want my partner on the Tenancy Agreement?

Firstly, they need permission to reside at the premises. They will then be assessed for rent for one year. A letter must be received in the Rents Section in the Housing Department stating you want your partner on the Tenancy Agreement . If approved an appointment is made, a new Tenancy Agreement is drawn up, signed and sealed.

What if I want to leave my house?

A letter must be received into the Housing Department giving four (4) weeks notice in writing stating that you are leaving the property. On the appointed day, a Clerk of Works inspects the property. The property must be left in a clean and proper state. The customer then comes into County Hall at the appointed time and signs a “Surrender of Tenancy” form. This means that the customer then has no rights to access the property anymore.

What if I want a transfer?

A tenant of the Council may, with the consent of the Council, exchange the tenancy of his/her existing dwelling for the tenancy of another Council dwelling under the following conditions:

  1. All rents and other charges due and payable in respect of their existing accommodation have been fully discharged.
  2. The tenants have complied with all the conditions of the Letting Agreement.
  3. In the opinion of the Council, the exchange must result in either tenant being appropriately accommodated
  4. The tenants must not have engaged in any anti-social behaviour in the previous three years.
  5. The tenants must have resided in their current dwelling for at least five years.

The Council may, in exceptional circumstances, waive compliance with any or all of the above conditions.  The Council reserves the right to refuse any transfer request due to financial constraints.